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From Headhunting for senior executives to comprehensive Organizational Development and HR projects.


We identify, evaluate and attract high-level executive talent for your organization.

Search and Selection of Executives /Headhunting

We design strategies and programs to boost the growth and performance of your organization.

Organizational Development and HR Consulting

Boost your career with our Professional Development program: from preparing a professional CV to strategies for job interviews

Coaching/Professional Development

We develop corporate retirement plans to facilitate the transition of employees towards retirement.

Retirement Plans

We offer advice for leaders, driving skills, confidence, and exceptional results in executive environments.

Executive Coaching

We conduct comprehensive assessments, psychometric testing, and profiling using Artificial Intelligence to improve your team's performance, efficiency, and development.


We place executives who fit better and faster.


We are a search firm created by professionals for professionals. We focus on results.

We offer up to a 6-month guarantee for hired candidates.


We include a comparative analysis of average market salaries for all our searches.

Consistent results
  • Our alliance with Catenon's global network allows us to reach millions of professionals globally.

Global Reach
  • We identify hundreds of talented professionals through a digital ecosystem of recruiting, technology and data architecture and artificial intelligence.


Our Process


We understand your needs and culture to define a personalized search strategy and find the ideal executive talent.

Search and selection

We employ advanced methods and our extensive network to identify and select the most outstanding candidates.

Evaluation and interviews

We conduct rigorous assessments and in-depth interviews, including psychometric testing and filmed technical interviews, to ensure the perfect fit.

Candidate Presentation

We present a detailed analysis of highly qualified candidates, supporting the selection process and coordination of final interviews.

Process Closure

We work with you in the selection and negotiation with the final candidate, delivery of the offer and post-hire monitoring.

Enjoy an agile and efficient experience to find the best executive talent, supported by cutting-edge technology and data updated in real time.

Digital Customer Platform

  • Access to an extensive database on the Internet.

  • Get results online and in real time.

  • Agility in results, with objectivity and homogeneity guaranteed.

Success stories with APA LATAM


Irene Perurena - Ciudad del Saber

"The experience with APA has been extraordinary. Their team is approachable, transparent, and always meets deadlines. They have been instrumental in our organizational transformation and have provided invaluable support over the past ten years. Their reputation and track record in the market are impressive. I would recommend APA without hesitation, both for their quality of service and the trust they inspire in every project. They are true experts in organizational consulting."

Isabelle Estripeaut - OMC Group

The experience with APA has been exceptional. Their comprehensive approach to recruitment and organizational development has delivered outstanding results. We value their trust, effective communication, and the support they have provided throughout the entire process. Their international partnership also opens up new opportunities for us and makes us confident in referring them to others. I would recommend APA without hesitation!

Nayaris Morales - Grupo Residencial

Working with APA has been an incredibly valuable experience. Their commitment to presenting quality candidates and their focus on providing highly qualified individuals has been impressive. I recommend APA to any company seeking top talent and reliable service!

Carlos Díaz - Futurad

"The experience with APA has been fantastic. Their extensive catalog of highly qualified candidates and comprehensive selection system make the process agile and effective. They have supported us in finding talent for both high-level and middle management positions, consistently providing quality candidates. Their guidance and dedication are unparalleled. I would recommend APA without hesitation"

Analida Terán - OMC Group

Working with APA has been exceptional. Their personalized approach and understanding of our company have resulted in successful hiring processes. Every interaction with Ariana has taught me something new. Her expertise and ability to understand our needs are unmatched. Working with APA is an investment in the future of our company.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Executive Search and Selection / Headhunting We identify, evaluate, and attract top-level executive talent for your organization.

    2. Organizational Development and HR Consulting We design strategies and programs to drive your organization's growth and performance.

    3. Coaching / Professional Development Enhance your career with our Professional Development program: from crafting a professional CV to developing effective interview strategies

  • We invite you to visit the Our Process section here . We can summarize it in 5 steps:

    1. Understand your needs and culture

    2. Search and selection of potential candidates

    3. Rigorous evaluations and in-depth interviews

    4. Presentation of candidate analysis

    5. Selection, negotiation and closure of the process

    Searches take on average one month but depend on the availability of the client and candidates to complete tests and conduct interviews.

  • We maintain confidentiality as a top priority. Our team operates with strict security protocols and only shares relevant information at the correct stages and with those directly involved in the recruitment process. In addition, we sign an agreement with all our clients that includes various clauses that guarantee the confidentiality of our clients and candidates.

  • At APA Latam, we are the Latin American partners of the international Catenon Group, with a global network extending to over 15 offices in various cities worldwide. Our global network provides us with both regional and local presence to effectively serve our clients. We work with international companies looking to hire local talent and with local companies seeking to bring international talent into their organizations.

  • Reputation for Successful Results: At APA Latam, we are known for our strong track record of delivering successful outcomes. The exceptional quality of the candidates we present reflects our commitment to excellence in high-level executive searches.

    6-Month Guarantee: We offer our clients a 6-month guarantee, demonstrating our confidence in the suitability of the candidates we present. This guarantee underscores our commitment to working closely with our clients to ensure a perfect fit within their leadership teams.

    100% Transparent Digital Process: Our approach is entirely digital and transparent. We provide our clients with access to our technological platform, allowing them to monitor the search process, provide real-time feedback, and maintain a clear view of each stage. Transparency is fundamental in all our interactions.

    TFI (Technical Filmed Interview): We implement the TFI, an innovative tool that offers companies an authentic view of candidates. These recorded interviews allow for the evaluation of technical skills and the candidate's expression, communication, and thinking in real-world industry-specific situations.


    Together, these features set us apart by offering not just an executive search process but a comprehensive experience backed by proven results, tangible guarantees, digital transparency, and a unique assessment that highlights our candidates in a holistic manner.

Let's talk about your next executive recruitment

Contact our team of experts to discuss your executive talent needs and how we can help you find the ideal leaders for your organization.

What to expect when submitting the form:
  • Personalized advice and dedicated attention

  • Solutions tailored to your specific requirements

  • A strategic approach to finding the right talent

  • Clear and transparent communication throughout the process

  • Exceptional results backed by our proven expertise

  • A trusted, long-term partnership

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